Whimsical Enchanted Styled Wedding

We’re excited to share images from our “Whimsical Enchanted” styled wedding shoot. I got the opportunity to work with a group of amazing and talented women for this project, and have definitely started a bunch of new and lasting relationships. On the “wedding day” everyone worked together wonderfully – the weather was perfect, the venue was gorgeous, and the energy buzzing around our session was inspiring and motivating to say the least. Credits and links for all vendors and models at the bottom. Our wedding story is:

Celeste + Bryan

Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-157Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-168Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-100Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-104Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-105Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-107Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-112Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-114Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-115Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-133Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-135Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-150Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-151Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-153Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-154Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-156Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-117Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-118Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-121Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-123Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-196Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-192Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-129Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-130Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-132Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-160Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-163Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-165Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-173Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-183Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-176Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-178Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-185Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-179Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-204Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-201Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-203Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-206Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-214Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-211Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-216Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-142Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-146Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-148Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-217Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-223Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-230Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-233Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-236Fusion-Grove_Whimsical Enchanted Wedding-240

makeup + hair // B L U S H Hair + Makeup

bridal dress // kelly’s closet

flower crown + bouquets // emw florals

planning + coordination // for you, i do events

venue // the parterre

photography + design // christine quarte photography

cake + macarons // lekker cakery

handwritten envelope + placecards + welcome sign // honey + olive lettering co

live musician // moonlighting violinist

bride // yulia askarova

bridesmaid // watkins sarah

bridesmaid // sidney copeland

Fusion-Grove-Team Pic

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