Engaged | Garrard Landing Park

My favorite thing about this couple was how they made each other smile. I loved capturing their genuine emotions throughout our evening together – and chatting about all things nerd culture too, of course. We started the evening out at Garrard Landing in Roswell, and finished in downtown Norcross (which is super cute, by the way). They had such easy going personalities, and just embraced being engaged, and being in love. Congratulations to these two on their engagement! Here are some highlights from our session: 170609-Lisa-Hoyt-100170609-Lisa-Hoyt-101170609-Lisa-Hoyt-102170609-Lisa-Hoyt-103170609-Lisa-Hoyt-104170609-Lisa-Hoyt-105170609-Lisa-Hoyt-106170609-Lisa-Hoyt-107170609-Lisa-Hoyt-108170609-Lisa-Hoyt-109170609-Lisa-Hoyt-110170609-Lisa-Hoyt-111170609-Lisa-Hoyt-112

One thought on “Engaged | Garrard Landing Park

  1. Christine I’m a neighbor of there’s and it’s legit. I have seen other couples around and sometimes wonder if it will last and never with them. They seem to glow and smile and all giddy all the time. Totally a Love connection.

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