Navy Dress & Brazilian Food | Dunwoody Wedding

This beautiful couple was so fun and inspiring to capture. They were having a very small, very intimate wedding with family and friends, and wanted me to capture some photos with them as well as their family. I loved how much family was a focus in their evening. One of my favorite things was the bride’s dress. Talk about drop dead gorgeous – see below for this amazing one-shoulder navy blue dress. They finished the evening off at Fogo de Chao in Dunwoody, where their family and friends ate from the buffet, had the Brazilian meat delivered to their table, and laughed with each other through the end of the night. Congratulations to these two! Here are some highlights from the portraits and reception:

Wedding of Christabel + Darnell

170609-Christabel_Darnell-100170609-Christabel_Darnell-101170609-Christabel_Darnell-102170609-Christabel_Darnell-103170609-Christabel_Darnell-104170609-Christabel_Darnell-105 170609-Christabel_Darnell-106170609-Christabel_Darnell-107170609-Christabel_Darnell-108170609-Christabel_Darnell-109170609-Christabel_Darnell-110170609-Christabel_Darnell-111170609-Christabel_Darnell-112170609-Christabel_Darnell-113170609-Christabel_Darnell-114 170609-Christabel_Darnell-115170609-Christabel_Darnell-116170609-Christabel_Darnell-117170609-Christabel_Darnell-118170609-Christabel_Darnell-120170609-Christabel_Darnell-119 170609-Christabel_Darnell-121170609-Christabel_Darnell-122170609-Christabel_Darnell-123170609-Christabel_Darnell-124170609-Christabel_Darnell-125170609-Christabel_Darnell-126170609-Christabel_Darnell-127170609-Christabel_Darnell-128170609-Christabel_Darnell-129170609-Christabel_Darnell-130

bouquet // botany bay florist
reception // fogo de chao in dunwoody
makeup // sephora

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