Engaged | Sunflowers & Gamers

I love when I work with couples who love nerd culture. As a fellow gamer, this was a natural topic during our engagement session at the Sunflower Farm in Cumming, GA. These two are having their summer wedding with sunflowers as part of the theme, so it was only natural that they wanted to have their engagement photos at the sunflower farm! We walked around, dodging bees, discussing games, and talking about art – and finished just in time for the rain to just start absolutely pouring. Congratulations to these two for their upcoming wedding in August! Here are some highlights:

170715-Sunflower-Web-100170715-Sunflower-Web-101 170715-Sunflower-Web-102170715-Sunflower-Web-103170715-Sunflower-Web-104 170715-Sunflower-Web-105170715-Sunflower-Web-106170715-Sunflower-Web-107170715-Sunflower-Web-108170715-Sunflower-Web-111170715-Sunflower-Web-112170715-Sunflower-Web-113170715-Sunflower-Web-114170715-Sunflower-Web-115170715-Sunflower-Web-116170715-Sunflower-Web-117170715-Sunflower-Web-118170715-Sunflower-Web-119

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